Massimo Vitali

Entering a New World, is a collection of images from 2009 to 2018, by the world reknowned photographer Massimo Vitali. Following the first two now out-of-print volumes published together as Landscape with Figures / Natural Habitats, 1994-2009 in 2011, this book presents Vitali's large-scale color images of humans interacting en masse--both consciously and unconsciously--with their environments. Whether relaxing beachside, exploring the ruins of the Roman Forum or navigating a crowded shopping promenade, Vitali's pictures are topographical celebrations and subtle critiques of our changing habits of leisure. Entering a New World furthermore traces an important shift in Vitali's practice: his move from large-format film to medium-format digital. Photography is like a river with a thousand streams that never converge - Massimo Vitali 


Born in Como in 1944, Massimo Vitali studied photography at the London College of Printing. Beginning in the 1960s, Vitali worked as a photojournalist, collaborating with magazines and agencies throughout Europe before turning to cinematography for television and cinema in the early 1980s. He eventually returned to still photography as an artist, taking up large-format photography in 1993 and beginning his famous Beach Series in 1995.